Friday, July 07, 2006

The Long Tail

Chris Anderson, Wired magazine’s Editor in Chief, has written a book which describes the decline of the “Hit” (a record, movie, or TV show) and the rise of the ‘Long Tail’. This theory, which is gaining in popularity, is a direct result of the Internet widening consumer choice and lowering the barriers to entry such as the geographical distance between buyer and seller. There is still mileage in the Big Hit, and indeed, the Internet, through word of mouth, can lead to sudden and unexpected hits (as described in The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell). However, companies such as The Orchard (a Million client) are in a strong position to take advantage of the ‘Long Tail’ phenomena. Mobile operators should recognise that many of their customers are no longer interested in Top 40 chart artistes and want more range and depth in what they are being offered. Read an extract from Mr Anderson’s book, ‘The Long Tail’

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