Monday, January 08, 2007

HMV pull OCC singles chart

No surprise to read the news that HMV are pulling the OCC singles chart from their stores citing the reason the official chart is no longer relevant in their stores. It’s difficult to see who the official chart is relevant for, with the new singles chart showing tracks released in June 2006 re-entering the charts 6 months after their initial physical in-store date. The music scene is changing beyond recognition and yet the Majors still insist on stopping people downloading music in the world’s most popular and common format, MP3. Million encourage all labels and artistes who want to increase sales rather than go down with a sinking ship to demand their music is made available in MP3. At least that gives fans the option and legal sales a fighting chance. With the work I do for The Orchard it is vividly apparent this is what consumer’s demand, and yet lawyers at major record companies continue to safeguard their own interests (i.e. their careers) for that of their artiste’s.  

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