Friday, February 09, 2007

The MusicTank Forum

The MusicTank debate was very interesting and good fun to participate
in, but it didn't really shed any light on the question it first
posed, "How to divvy up a download". The panel got sidetracked onto
which business model is better (iTunes style or subscription) and
DRM. Of course, I argued against DRM and gave my opinion that it was
a misconception that DRM is necessary in order for an artiste to get
paid. The two remain distinct in my view. Orchard supply many MP3
sites and receive sales reports and cheques each month. Then lo and
behold, the next day the press is full of Steve Jobs open letter
stating he would happily drop all DRM if the Majors would allow it.
It certainly appears this debate is gaining a lot of attention - I
hope at the end of it the marketplace opens up and artistes can start
to make some money from digital downloads.

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